7 Reasons Why You Should Play RealTime Gaming Roulette

7 Reasons Why You Should Play RealTime Gaming Roulette

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7 Reasons Why You Should Play RealTime Gaming Roulette

RealTime Gaming (RTG) launched in 1998. Since then, it has enjoyed a long history of being one of the most successful online slots producers.

However, online slots aren’t the only games that RTG produces. This developer also offers popular table games like roulette.

In fact, their roulette action is some of the best in the industry. Below, you can see seven reasons why RTG’s roulette is a can’t-miss game.

RTG Offers French Roulette

Not many game developers feature French Roulette. After all, the French variation offers an incredibly low house edge that doesn’t leave as much profit for developers and their casino partners. RTG is one of the few game providers that bucks the trend and provides this game.

French Roulette is played on a European wheel, which has 37 pockets. One of these pockets is a single zero. The zero is the only pocket that favors the house on every bet, thus creating a 2.70% house advantage (2/37).

French roulette also offers either the “la partage” or “en prison” rule. La partage pays half back on losing even-money bets if the ball lands on zero.

Under the same scenario, en prison sees your bet decided on the next spin. Therefore, you get a second chance at winning.

In either case, the European wheel combined with la partage or en prison reduces the house edge to just 1.35%. As a result, French Roulette gives you a better opportunity to win than any other variation.

Special Bets Are Available

Roulette already offers a wide variety of wagers. You can bet on anything from a single number to whether the ball will land on a red or black pocket.

As if these aren’t enough options, RTG’s French Roulette provides even more wagers. You can make both “Neighbors” and “Call” bets in this game.

To access these special wagers, you select the “Neighbor and Call Bets” button. From here, you can choose one of the following bets:


      • Jeu Zéro (“Zero Game”) – This wager involves 12-35-3-26-0-32-15. It’s called “zero game” because these bets are all close to zero. You must wager four chips, including one on the 0-3 split, 12-15 split, 32-35 split, and 26 straight-up.

      • Le Tiers du Cylindre (“Third of the Wheel”) – This bet involves 27-13-36-11-30-8-23-10-5-24-16-33. As the name implies, it covers one third of the wheel. You need to wager six chips, including one on the 5-8 split, 10-11 split, 13-16 split, 23-24 split, 27-30 split, and 33-36 split.

      • Orphelins (Orphans) – This bet covers 1-20-14-31-9 and 17-34-5. It’s called “orphans” because these sections don’t connect on the wheel. You must wager five chips total, including one on the 6-9 split, 14-17 split, 17-20 split, 31-34 split, and 1 straight-up.

      • Voisins du Zéro (Neighbors of Zero) – This wager involves 22-18-29-7-28-12-35-3-26-0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25. It requires you to place varying chip amounts on different spaces. You put two chips on 0-2-3 trio and 25-26-28-29 corner, along with one chip on the 4-7 split, 12-15 split, 18-21 split, 19-22 split, and 32-35 split.

    Both Low and High Stakes Are Available

    You don’t need a large bankroll to enjoy RTG roulette. In fact, some wagers can be made for as little as a quarter. The stakes differ based on which bet you place. Here’s a full list of the wagers along with their stakes:


        • Straight-up bet – $0.25 to $10 (pays 35:1)

        • Split bet – $0.25 to $20 (pays 17:1)

        • Street bet – $0.25 to $30 (pays 11:1)

        • Corner bet – $0.25 to $40 (pays 8:1)

        • Six line bet – $0.25 to $40 (pays 5:1)

        • Column bet – $1 to $200 (pays 2:1)

        • Dozens bet – $1 to $200 (pays 2:1)

        • Black/red bet – $1 to $1,000 (pays 1:1)

        • High/low – $1 to $1,000 (pays 1:1)

        • Odd/even – $1 to $1,000 (pays 1:1)

      Unfortunately, some of these bets don’t offer very high maximum wagers. You may not like this if you’re a high roller.

      However, plenty of low-stakes opportunities do exist. You can wager anywhere from $0.25 to $1 depending upon the wager.

      The Graphics Look Great

      Online roulette may not completely replace the brick and mortar experience. However, a well-designed game can help you feel like you’re closer to the real thing.

      RealTime Gaming has done an excellent job with their French Roulette. This game’s graphics and layout make it look lifelike.

      First off, it offers a posh cyber-felt table. All of the betting spaces are clearly visible, thus making the wagering process easy.

      The wheel has polished wood on the outside and metal frets on the inside portion. It looks very close to what you’ll see in land-based casinos.

      This game also offers great animations. Every round sees the ball spinning around the wheel before bouncing and resting into a pocket.

      Assuming you can’t get to a brick and mortar casino to play roulette, then you’ll likely appreciate the experience that RTG’s version offers.

      Game Play Is Easy

      Even if you’ve never played online roulette, you won’t have much trouble getting started with RTG’s game. The latter offers a simple gameplay model that allows anybody to begin playing quickly.

      The betting board and all of the options are laid out nicely. Therefore, you can quickly figure out how to start betting.

      Here are the simple instructions for enjoying RealTime Gaming roulette:


          • Select your desired chip denomination ($1, $5, $25, $100, $500).

          • Place your chip(s) on the desired betting space.

          • Select the “Spin” button.

          • Choose “Clear” to place new bets, or spin the wheel again to immediately play another round.

        As you can see, this game requires little effort to play. If you have any questions whatsoever on the matter, though, you can always select the “Help” option. The Help section discusses the game rules and more.

        Available at Many Online Casinos

        This French roulette game is widely available across the industry. That’s because RealTime Gaming is one of the most popular software providers.

        You simply need to choose an RTG casino to get started. RealTime Gaming sites are available to most countries (covered next).

        Once you find a high-quality online casino with RealTime Gaming software, you should proceed to signing up for an account. This process involves entering the following information:


            • Name

            • Country of residence

            • Date of birth

            • Email

            • Username

            • Password

            • Bonus code (if needed)

          After filling out the registration form, you submit it and wait for approval. Again, RTG casinos accept players from most parts of the world. Therefore, you should receive instant approval from whatever gaming site you’re joining.

          Once approved, you’ll be able to play French Roulette and other RTG games for free. Playing free casino games is an excellent way to figure out if you like a casino before depositing.

          Speaking of the latter, you must deposit if you want to play real-money roulette. The latter lets you capitalize on hot streaks and get more thrills out of this game.

          Most RTG casinos accept a variety of deposit methods, including bank transfers, Bitcoin, credit cards, e-wallet, and/or wires. You can find all of these options in the banking section of your respective casino.

          US Players Can Enjoy RTG Roulette

          Many game developers don’t offer games to US gamblers. After all, some states treat online gambling as a grey area.

          However, RealTime Gaming is willing to serve states/countries as long as they don’t flat-out ban online gaming.

          If you visit the terms and conditions section of an RTG casino, you’ll notice that they don’t specifically restrict nations/states. Instead, they merely advise you to follow the laws in your respective jurisdiction.

          Assuming you live in the state of Washington, for example, then you’re not supposed to gamble online. You should definitely avoid playing at RTG sites in this case.

          But you don’t need to worry about playing online casino games in most other states. After all, the vast majority of America doesn’t arrest people for online gaming. With that said, you shouldn’t have any trouble enjoying RTG roulette in the US or most other countries.


          RealTime Gaming has more to offer than just slots. RTG French Roulette is a perfect example of this fact.

          It provides the lowest-possible house edge (1.35%) and also includes interesting extra bets. You can place special wagers under the “Neighbors and Call Bets” section.

          Beyond the low house edge and many bets, you can also look forward to a well-polished game. RTG roulette ranks among the industries best regarding graphics and atmosphere.

          Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy this roulette variation from almost any state or country. With that said, you should definitely give it a try if you’re into online roulette.

          7 Reasons Why You Should Play RealTime Gaming Roulette

          7 Reasons Why You Should Play RealTime Gaming Roulette


          Sign up for an account then proceed to deposit. Put your preferred deposit method then enter the amount that you want to deposit.  

          Sign up for an account then add your withdrawal method. Fill up for the information that are needed. Set up your transaction password, then proceed to withdrawal.

          Stargame Casino has a minimum withdrawal of 100 and the maximum withdrawal is 50,000.